Numismatics, or the study of coins and currency, so enticed the young boy that, by the age of 13, he had taken his first table at a coin show. Particularly interested in rare coins and the history behind them, Kenneth Goldman wasted no time out of high school and immediately became a professional, full-time dealer in rare coins. Kenneth Goldman began his professional career with rare coins in 1971 at the age of 18. Over the years of his involvement with numismatics, he has handled tens of millions of dollars in rare coins during everything from appraisals and trades with other dealers to expert witnessing for the Federal Trade Commission as well as the New York Attorney General's office--on several cases. Shining examples of rare coins which Mr. Goldman has handled over his many years in the business include the 1804 silver dollar, referred to as the King of U. S. Coins, of which only 15 genuine examples are known, the 1849 $10 Cincinnati Mining & Trading Co. $10 Gold, countless other Territorial Gold Coins, and the majority of all coins listed in the Redbook--or GUIDEBOOK OF UNITED STATES COINS. As well, Mr.Goldman has been a contributor for pricing information of the Redbook since 1975. For over 30 years, Mr. Goldman has toured the United states--attending virtually all of the major coin conventions and coin auctions. If you have a collection or group of coins for sale, Kenneth Goldman can offer you the highest prices and expert advice for your portfolio. Mr. Goldman's 50 years of experience in the field--as well as his broad client list and extensive travel--provide excellent avenues for the orderly dispersal of your collection. Mr. Goldman welcomes inquiries by e-mail at KenGoldman@aol.com or by mail: KENNETH GOLDMAN,INC., Kenneth M. Goldman, President, P. O. Box 920404, Needham, MA. 02492. PHONE 781-449-0058 FAX 781-326-6758

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